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MYNICE optoelectronics displays at the 2019 Hong Kong international autumn lighting exhibition.

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MYNICE optoelectronics displays at the 2019 Hong Kong international autumn lighting exhibition.
The Hong Kong international autumn lighting exhibition 2019 (10.27-30) was held at the Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre, the largest trade fair in Asia.The exhibition is divided into seven categories of products: commercial lighting, home lighting, LED and environmental lighting, intelligent lighting decoration and lighting solutions, testing and verification services, trade services and publications, and a famous light shop.It has attracted many manufacturers and advanced products and technologies from all over the world.MYNICE optoelectronics (booth no. 5con-019) COB linear light belt, high display finger light belt, RGBW light belt and other new products appeared in the exhibition, attracting many overseas customers to visit the company's booth to discuss cooperation.