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Mynice signed a strategic cooperation agreement with "chaoneng yigong" and "tiantian baiying" in January 2019.

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Together with "tiantian baiying " and "chaoneng yigong", Mynice implements the service system of "national warranty, after-sales care". In January 2019, Mynice signed a strategic cooperation agreement with "chaoneng yigong" and "tiantian baiying". After the agreement is signed, Mynice will use the APP platform of "tiantian baiying" and "chaoneng yigong" to join service providers in the first, second, third and fourth tier cities across the country, and 10,000 offline professional installation after-sales worker to implement the national unprofor and after-sales care system, and further expand the depth and breadth of service and industry specifications.

Together with "tiantian baiying " and "chaoneng yigong", Mynice implements the service system of "national warranty, after-sales care". In January 2019, Mynice signed a strategic cooperation agreement with "chaoneng yigong" and "tiantian baiying". After the agreement is signed, Mynice will use the APP platform of "tiantian baiying" and "chaoneng yigong" to join service providers in the first, second, third and fourth tier cities across the country, and 10,000 offline professional installation after-sales worker to implement the national unprofor and after-sales care system, and further expand the depth and breadth of service and industry specifications.